Saying Goodbye to Hughes Stadium

Demolition Has Officially Begun.

A staple landmark of Fort Collins, CO will soon be gone forever. Earlier this month Colorado State's  former football field began the process of deconstruction. No more concession stand, no more seats, and sadly no more CSU Tailgates. 

The area around Hughes stadium was the perfect location for large tailgates and parties to hype up the fans before a big game. The Fort Collins Community and students Of CSU were largely against getting rid of the beloved stadium, but non-the-less their opinions and petitions couldn't stop the inevitable.

When walking around the stadium now there is not much to see. You can only get so close considering the large fence put up around the perimeter. But you do not have to be too close to realize something is missing. The seats have been removed and so have most of the signs, And what used to be Box seats have now turned to rubble.

I want to be able to remember Hughes in its prime, rather than its demolition. If you would like to see some of the images I have of Hughes, check out this collection.